Min Panu

Founded over a millenium and a half ago, Min Panu is a large port city state with a small walled inner ring surrounded by the larger city that has grown up around it. Most of the city is run by the Council of Guilds, although within the inner ring a person known only as ‘The Pfactir’ holds authority, due to their maintainance of the spells that protect the city center. These spells make it impossible to commit an act of violence within the inner ring, so even if the council of guilds wished to remove The Pfactir, it would be nearly impossible. As it stands, the stewardship of this mysterious individual makes Min Panu the most succesful trading city in the region- something none of the guilds wish to interfere with (not to mention that the most powerful guilds and their highest members reside within the rings protective influence).

Guild leaders:
Kidia Pinn
Taar Benke


The Arcanist’s Guild
The Merchant’s Guild
The Courtesan’s Guild
The Warrior’s Guild

The Council of Guilds:
This ten member council is elected every new year by the guildmasters of all the registered guilds in the city. Every guildmaster is allowed two votes, and the top ten vote getters make up the new council. The top vote getter is the council chairman, although in the case of a tie, the previous chairman gets the deciding vote. The same process breaks any tie for the tenth seat. There are currently 42 registered guilds. Votes are tallied by the cities chief magistrate in a public ceremony.

Current Council:

Calil Chairman
Kidia Pinn
Taar Benke

City Officials

Farlis City watch Lieutenant, Docks District

People of interest

Galen Duthelli

City Districts

The Old City
City Center
The Bazaar
The Outer Rings
The Docks
Red Light District
Warehouse District

Min Panu

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