Tag: docks


  • Farlis

    Lt. Farlis commands the city watch in the docks district. He is known for using the most subtle methods to control the district, and he seems to always know what's going on among the thieves and other rogues of the district. He has recruited several …

  • Galen Duthelli

    Galen is a young (for an elf) orphan who the tigers recruited in a small town south of Min Panu. He's been trained in burglery, and seems to be a natural.

  • Melli Simble

    Melli is a courtesan in the docks district. She's known for being unusually good with a blade. When not working, she often wears leather armor, and it's conjectured that she used to be an adventurer.

  • Nesta

    Nesta lives in The Dolphin Tavern with Thela and her "father". He watches over her and tries to keep her out of trouble.

  • Bugrit

    Bugrit was raised in a barbarian tribe far to the north of the forsaken coast, and set out to be an adventurer intending to return to his tribe a great warrior, and lead them to defeat the other tribes on the plains. While adventuring, he met and …

  • Gaghim

    Gaghim is a tree goblin from the far north, who left his home some years ago to explore the world. He ended up signing on as a sailor with a merchant, and remains employed as one to this day. He's as at home in the rigging of a ship on a stormy night as …

  • Marthus

    Marthus owns The Delight, an inn in the docks district. It's a little pricey for the docks, but it's also cleaner. Popular with Courtesans, and travelling merchants. Marthus himself is a little sleazy, but as it's the docks, no one notices.

  • Gisa

    Gisa works as barmaid at the Dolphin for the same reason most of it's customers go there, because any misfit who walks through the door is welcome, provided they don't make trouble. Gisa has always felt like an outcast, but The Dolphin has provided her …

  • Duval

    The Woudon Monastary is both a monastic and trading organization centered in the docks district. They operate a warehouse that functions both as a base for trade, and the quarters and training grounds for the monks.

  • Garkis

    A spellcaster for hire, not a guild member, Works for the shadier elements of the docks power structure usually, but will cast spells for anyone with cash. Knows quite a bit, enough to make him constantly nervous.