Tag: The Docks


  • Shalas

    A regular at The Dolphin tavern in the docks district, Shalas seems no more than a quiet observer of events. He is rarely bothered, despite never being armed with so much as a dagger, and has once or twice soundly beaten sailors who insisted on starting …

  • Ishtos

    Ishtos is the name of the man believed to be the leader of the new gang moving into the docks. The local residents have taken to calling them "the Shades", but it is unknown what, if anything, they call themselves.

  • Thela

    Thela is the young daughter of The Dolphin's owner. She has grown up in the docks, and sees and hears everything. Her upbringing has caused her to pick up some of her adopted father's courser traits, so she swears like an orc, and occasionally will try …