Tag: I Sabah


  • Karrock

    Karrock and his twin sister were left at a Nizari orphanage immediately after birth with a note giving their names and status as twins but no other information. Karrock's name means rock in Dwarvish. Karrock and his sister mean to settle in Min Panu, …

  • Dojat

    Dojat (whose name means thought in Dwarvish) and her twin brother are students of Elamut travelling with you to Min Panu, where she plans to join the Arcanist's Guild.

  • Gilkan

    Gilkan is a young goblin who is friends with the dwarven twins. He hopes to join the patrols on the roads south of Min Panu with his friend Laur.

  • Arth

    Arth was always an unpopular boy at school, you were not happy to find he would be among your travel partners, although the odds that he'll condescend to talk with you are slim.

  • Captain Hassan

    The I Sabbah is a merchant ship in the employ of the Nizari, and Captain Hassan was raised in a Nizari orphanage in Min Panu.