Sothis, the beginning
This is where it all begins.

Welcome my children. Each of you are here for one simple reason; you are ready. Each of you were brought here as children, either orphaned or abandoned. The local operatives of the Nizari took you in to one of our orphanages, and there it was determined that you possesed talents which would need a special education to be brought to full blossom. This place is where special educations are provided. For over 2000 years the fortress of Elamut has taken from the Nizari orphanages young people of all races whose intelligence, or drive, or talent has shone so brightly it could not be ignored. Here you received all that your bright minds could absorb until the day arrived that you were ready to venture into the world, to use your talents in the way you feel is best. Some of you will wish to set out alone, no doubt, and some will wish to travel together with those of your fellows who have become your family here. Both are suitable paths, and we make no demands on your future. We trust to your wisdom. You will be provided with money, and goods, and equipment to allow you to use your training to it’s greatest effect. You will also be provided with passage aboard the ship “I Sabah” to the city of Min Panu, from where passage may be purchased to anywhere in Sothis.

Many have made this journey before you, and no one knows the numbers of those who were trained here and still walk the face of this world. Some left and never made any contact with us again. Some joined our society and helped further our aims. Some took what they learned here and used it to rise to positions of great prominance in the world at large. You are free to do any of these things and more. Know this, however; you may seek assistance from the Nizari at any time, and may know them by the use of the language of gestures you used here at Elamut.

Now go my children, gather your things, say your farewells, and prepare yourself for the next stage of the journey of your lives. And know that our hopes and our love go with you.

Campaign Notes

PC’s begin at the fortress of Elamut with new characters of fourth level, multiclassing if they wish. The following classes are available:

Cleric (Shaman)

The available races for pc’s are:

Half Elf
Half Orc
Yuan Ti
Others subject to review by the DM

The following skills are considered class skills for any pc:

All Knowledge skills
All Craft skills
All Profession skills
Sense motive
All characters recieve Speak language (Gesture) for free.

All Fantasy worlds need to make some concessions to reality in order to balance the fantastic with the ordinary. I have chosen to do away with two aspects of fantasy that have always grated on my nerves. One is alignment. The concept of a division of the universe into objectively good and evil camps seems like an artificial system designed to justify the level of outright slaughter in most campaigns. As this is designed to be a more roleplaying oriented campaign, I see no problem in being rid of this setup. Any being, from a lich to an elf to a demon may under the right circumstances be friend or foe or neutral towards the characters.

The second concession to realism I’m making is a complete absense of Deities. There are no gods at all in Sothis. Clerics work in much the same way as warlocks do in most campaigns. They get their powers from bargains with spirits and extra planar entities. No worship is involved. The model I’m using has more to do with tribal shamanism (complete with psychoactive/entheogenic plant use) than with theological nonsense.

Starting conditions are:

New character from one of the available races and built from available classes. Level 4.

Ability scores generated using 4d6 (drop the lowest) aranged as the player likes with a +1 to the intelligence score and an additional +1 to any score the player likes.

Player starts with basic gear of masterwork quality. This includes weopon(s), armour, and other class appropriate gear, and one or more magic items chosen by the player of not more than 1500 gp total value. The player also begins with 250 gp cash.

The characters are considered to have grown up together in Elamut, so the friendships between them should be considered fairly solid. Players should write down some goals their characters would have, and friendships aside, these may be far different from those of other characters.


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