Owner of The Dolphin Tavern, and Thela's adopted father.


Bugrit is a 6’6” tall 275# half orc barbarian. He has legs like tree trunks, and arms not much smaller. There is a scar running vertically from his forehead to his chest. He wears a ratty old shirt and leather workmans breeches, with an apron over the top. He’s usually smiling, unless someone is making trouble in his tavern. His size is so great, people have remarked that he looks more half ogre than orc.


Bugrit was raised in a barbarian tribe far to the north of the forsaken coast, and set out to be an adventurer intending to return to his tribe a great warrior, and lead them to defeat the other tribes on the plains. While adventuring, he met and befriended an elvin sorceress named Thillia. The two unlikely friends had in common great ambitions to lead their peoples, and to be rememberd as powerful leaders. This ambition drove them to take enormous risks, and one day, while battling a powerful foe, Thillia was lost; devoured by an enourmous beast. Bugrit barely escaped with his life. His sense of loss was deepened by the task of having to inform his friends daughter Thela of her mother’s loss. Now an orphan, Thela begged Bugrit to take her with him, as he was the only person from her mother’s life who had really cared for her. Not knowing what to do, and not having the heart to say no, Bugrit used the proceeds of his adventures to buy The Dolphin, and settled down to raise a child he knew would outlive him by a thousand years.


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